Our Story

For more than twenty years, standing strong is Mindscope. Started by two lifelong techies who crossed paths and make believe that their combination of skills and innovation would provide an unprecedented IT experience for companies striving in long term growth and stability, Professionally, Mindscope used this passion along with a wise team of business and technology all-star to generate its own realm within the IT Industry providing IT solutions and services, drone experts, media businesses, creative and arts productions, broadcast engineering and multimedia communications. Today, Mindscope serves clients as a full service IT solutions firm and successfully able to manage request from some respected and well established companies in Malaysia. We believe it is our priority to strive for excellence works and ensure our client’s growth and it is our priority. Your success is our success!

Core Values

Create a Premium Experience
Every action provided by Mindscope focuses on how to create the best experience for clients, vendors and staff. We take pride in being pleasant, delivering top notch quality, at rapid speeds and are guided by a proven process.

Client Success Is Our Success
Known as one of the top IT firms in Malaysia which primarily through referrals from existing clients, we maintain our objectives to make sure client gain success.

Make the World A Better Place
The entire Mindscope team is not only focuses on business but we want to make a positive impact on the world around us. As our team continues to achieve new heights, our contribution to the world will increases and nothing could make us happier. A said, this world is dark and full of terrors, but Mindscope the light that shines bright our way.

Together We Are Stronger
We are united by our love of technology. We are driven by our core values. We have accomplished great things together and every year we reach new heights. We went on epic adventures. We come from different backgrounds. We work hard. We have a passion for life. This is a strong family bond of Mindscope. Together we are stronger.

Be Better Than Yesterday
In Mindscope, we believe that the drive for improvement never ends. Every new achievement opens a door for further growth. Business and personal development is crucial to the success of our clients and our community.