In keeping with current technological developments, Mindscope Sdn Bhd is constantly moving forward in providing the best solutions to the customers. In 2018, Mindscope Sdn Bhd has officially became the Official Partner of Dedrone GmbH, Germany. DEDRONE is a smart sensor and effector package capable of remotely detecting small drones and then tracking and classifying them before providing the option to disrupt their activity. The system may be used in remote or urban areas to prevent drones being used for terrorist attacks, espionage or other malicious activities against sites with critical infrastructure.

Complete Airspace Security Solution

Modern security requires a layered approach that keeps up with the evolution of drone technology. Sensors connect to our DroneTracker software, which detects, classifies, and protects against drone threats, including localizing the drone and its pilot. Passive and active countermeasures can be triggered, tailoring the defense mechanism to the severity of the threat.

Advanced Video Analytics

Machine-learning video algorithms for detecting and locating the position of drones are key parts of airspace security. Using feeds from high-resolution video cameras, DroneTracker software distinguishes between drones and other moving objects, and plots the position and flight path of a drone on map.

Track Drone Swarms

Using direction-finding RF Sensors, Dedrone’s solution detects and localizes drone swarms, protecting organizations from the most advanced drone threats. Drone swarms are tracked and mapped in real-time, allowing accurate, real-time response from security teams.

Find the Pilot

It’s not enough to secure the airspace against drone-based threats. The RF-300’s localization technology enables users to find the location of the pilot and drone, making termination of the threat much more practical.

Reporting and Forensic Evidence

Dedrone sensors and integrated external video cameras record forensic evidence of drone intrusions. A combination of forensic data is automatically captured by the DroneTracker software, including drone manufacturer, model, time and length of drone activity, and video verification. Summary reports are automatically produced and available on-demand for easy analysis of the most critical airspace security data.


Passive and active countermeasures can be integrated into the Dedrone solution, depending on needs and capabilities. Together with detection from sensors, they secure the airspace security around your facility.